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5 Other Reasons Why Massage is Good For You


Remedial Massage Therapy is viewed by many as being a “feel-good” therapy that will relax the mind & body, treat injuries, pain and ailments. However, did you know that massage can be so much more?  Here’s 5 other reasons why regular massage is beneficial:

  1. Emotional Release – many people have that “area” of their body that holds their stress or emotional response to situations.  That may be around the neck, shoulders, mid-back, legs or even the gluteals, yes, your butt!  Massage is a way of relaxing the whole muscular-skeletal and nervous system, lengthening muscles and in turn releasing endorphins in the brain hence creating a relaxed state within the body.  This allows for these areas of “held tension” to be released and assists in making your body feel relaxed, released and generally just feel great.
  2. Maintenance – our bodies are our tools that we use in our everyday lives.  Whether that is sitting all day in front of a computer, exercising at the gym, working in a physical activity, texting on the phone, or carrying around young children.  Our body needs constant maintenance in order for it to keep carrying on in the functions that we all require it to.  By doing regular maintenance massage we assist our bodies to keep chronic pain from setting in, to release tension, and to reduce stress.  Compare your body to your car.  You couldn’t drive your car around your whole life and then expect it to “just keep going” if you didn’t do any maintenance or upkeep on your car.  Your body is the same!  Remedial Massage Therapy is a great way of keeping all areas of your body in check, having muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons and the whole muscular-skeletal system assessed, lubricated, re-adjusted and maintained in order for it to stay pain-free and to continue to be able to use your body in the activities that you require it for.
  3. Assisted Breathing – we all take breathing for granted until our breathing becomes hindered by a condition and then life can become very uncomfortable and painful.  Asthma and the later stages of pregnancy are both conditions in which the diaphragm and lungs can become compressed by the muscles around them.  This creates a feeling of breathlessness or shortness in breath. Remedial Massage Therapy can assist to provide a diaphragmatic release by creating space between the rib cage and the diaphragm.  This allows for the sufferer to be able to breathe more fully and removes the painful feeling of not being able to completely take a breathe.  Massage is also really great for separating the muscles between the ribs in these conditions which also allows the person to feel as though they can breathe easily again.
  4. Constipation – I know it’s embarrassing but don’t be embarrassed to confess to your Massage Therapist that you have been constipated.  Specific techniques used to release the large & small intestine during a massage can assist in relieving the effects of constipation.  This type of massage will see you feeling well again sooner so that you can move on from this embarrassing yet painful condition.  If constipation is a regular occurrence such as with someone with Diverticulitis or after bowel surgery then massage can be a great method for keeping bowel movements regular.
  5. Skin Cancer Check – Most of us will go for a regular skin cancer check but sometimes there is that spot on the back of your body that you might miss or you cannot keep a regular check on.  Your Massage Therapist will be like your “eyes in the back of your head” and will be able to advise of any marks or spots on your skin that may be irregular and may need a follow-up check.  These might appear as black spots on the back or an oddly shaped mark behind the knee.  It’s always nice to have someone else looking out for you too!

So as you can see Remedial Massage Therapy is a “feel good” therapy but there is a lot more that a Massage Therapist can assist you with than you may have thought.  Enjoy a massage treatment today and know that there is a lot more going on then just releasing muscles and reducing pain.

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Carla Hall

Remedial Massage Therapist

Dip. RM