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Chronic pain treatment in Dee Why

Chronic musculoskeletal pain


Do you or someone you know suffer from some form of chronic musculoskeletal pain? In my 30 years of clinical experience the common answer to this is a resounding YES. We all know someone who suffers from chronic issues only to be told by their doctor “that nothing can be done” or “you will have to learn to live with the pain”.

Dr Orazio Trevisan is the owner and founder of Contemporary Healthcare and he uses a whole body holistic approach in the diagnosis and treatment of  chronic  pain at the Dee Why practice. He has people come to see him from all over Sydney as well as regional centres for treatment of their chronic pain.

“In my experience, most people with chronic pain can be helped. The key is to address not only a persons symptoms, but to assess and treat the underlying causes.”

Let me give you some examples of chronic pain that I see in the Dee Why practice:

  • A person presents to the clinic with chronic lower back pain, they have seen a number of practitioners who have given them little or no help. Generally the lower back has been the main area of focus in treatment. It needs to be said that the lower back pain may simply be a symptom of an underlying problem somewhere else.

In the diagram below we can see the muscular connections between the lower/ upper parts of the spine and the shoulders. The chronic lower back pain that the person is experiencing may be due to a shoulder problem on the same or opposite side of the body. The shoulder problem can lead to an increased work load in the lower back ultimately leading to chronic pain. In this case then, the shoulder needs to be treated along with the lower back in order to get rid of the lower back pain.



  • In this next example, a person presents to the clinic with a chronic knee problem. This person has again seen many different practitioners with little or no help. The focus of treatment has been the knee. Again in this case the knee pain may be only a symptom of  problem somewhere else such as the foot or the hip. If we look at the diagram below, we can see the intimate relationship between the hip, knee and foot. There can be chronic tightness in the foot or hip, biomechanical dysfunction in how the foot or the hip moves or simply a lack of stability in the foot or hip due to injury or overuse. The foot or hip dysfunction can then lead to the knee having to work a lot harder which can than result in chronic pain. In this case the foot or hip would need to be treated along with the knee to resolve the chronic knee problem.

These are just 2 common examples that I have seen repeatedly over the last 30 years. There are countless more examples but the take home message is see a practitioner that looks at whole body function and has a holistic approach to treatment.

At Contemporary Healthcare Dee Why, the latest forms of treatment are offered to achieve the most outstanding results for patients. The 3 most effective treatments of choice for chronic pain which set Dr Orazio apart from other clinicians and other practices are;

These treatments are used in combination to;

      • Break down scar tissue
      • Improve functional movement
      • Improve neuromuscular co-ordination of the affected area


Dr Orazio Trevisan has over 30 years of clinical experience and specialises in dealing with complex issues which lead to chronic pain. If you have any questions regarding treatment for chronic pain or if you want to make an appointment, please call the Dee Why practice on 9971 4408.