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Coping with stress – A natural way


“In Australia, it’s estimated that 45 per cent of people will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime.  In any one year, around 1 million Australian adults have depression, and over 2 million have anxiety.” (Beyond Blue)

Anxiety and depression can be 2 of the common symptoms that people experience when their body is in a state of chronic stress.

When we are suffering from chronic stress bought about by the burdens of a busy modern lifestyle, many people turn to medications in order to address the symptoms of stress without addressing some of the underlying causes.

The underlying causes of stress can be chemical, emotional or physical stress.

Chemical stressors include toxins, moulds, bacteria, viruses, inflammatory foods, poor nutrition and electromagnetic fields from our surrounding environment.

Emotional stressors include stress from finances, family and work.

Physical stress can occur due to repetitive injury, trauma or poor posture.

Chronic stress has a huge detrimental impact on various parts of our body, including the brain, autonomic nervous system, thyroid gland, adrenal glands, gut, gall bladder, musculoskeletal system and hormonal system.

Some of the symptoms of chronic stress can include; light and noise sensitivity, anxiety, depression or feelings of sadness, headaches, tiredness, insomnia, clenching or grinding your teeth, craving sugar or salt, digestive issues, food sensitivities or allergies, high blood pressure, trouble losing weight, hair loss, difficulty getting pregnant, chronic muscle tightness and unexplained joint pain/ stiffness.

Integrative Chiropractors are quite often overlooked as a source of help to manage the drivers of stress.

Strategies used by Chiropractors to help manage chronic stress include;

  • Techniques to help control light and noise input to the brain
  • Removing inflammatory foods from the diet such as gluten, dairy, sugar, corn, nightshade vegetables
  • The use of  supplements to help the body heal including; herbs for adrenal support, zinc, magnesium, vitamins A, D E and K, probiotics, herbs to heal the gut and anti-inflammatory herbs
  • Advice on posture and exercise
  • General lifestyle advice
  • Spinal adjustments to optimise neurological function, improve posture, improve joint mobility
  • Advice on proper breathing technique
  • NET (Neuroemotional Technique)

We often see wonderful results in the clients that we see with chronic stress. We are able to markedly improve symptoms, help to address the underlying causes as well as to give the client tools to help deal with their stress on a daily basis.

Dr Orazio Trevisan (Chiropractor)

BSc (UNSW). MChiro (Macq Uni).

PGD Chiro Sports Science (Macq Uni).

MSc Chiro Paediatrics (Uni of Wales).

Certified Applied Kinesiologist

NET (Neuro Emotional Technique)