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Elbow injury treatment in Dee Why

Elbow injury treatment in Dee Why at Contemporary Healthcare Northern Beaches Sydney

Elbow injury treatment in Dee Why at Contemporary Healthcare Northern Beaches Sydney has been available for the last 30 years. The elbow is a very commonly injured joint and it forms a vital link between the shoulder and the wrist/hand. Chronic unresolved elbow injuries can quite often lead to compensatory problems in the shoulder or the wrist/hand over time.

When assessing injuries to the elbow, it is extremely important therefore that function at both the shoulder and the wrist/hand are looked at. At Contemporary Healthcare Dee Why, Dr Orazio Trevisan has had great success in treating both acute as well as chronic elbow injuries.

When assessing injuries to the elbow we also look at the relationship between the elbow and other vital structures.

These include;

  • The Cervical spine (neck) which supplies the nerve input to all of the structures that make up the elbow
  • The Thoracic spine (mid-back) and Lumbar spine (lower back) which form an important structural component to the elbow. When we think about poor posture, this has serious implications in terms of the angle that our shoulder blades sit at and hence the carrying angle of the arm. This carrying angle will then dictate how we use our entire arm including the elbow on a daily basis.

Common problems we treat in the elbow include:

  • Tennis elbow (also called lateral epicondylitis)
  • Golfers elbow (also called medial epicondylitis)
  • Bursitis
  • Cubital tunnel syndrome which causes entrapment of the ulnar nerve as it runs along the inside aspect of your elbow
  • Radial tunnel syndrome which causes entrapment of the radial nerve as it courses through the outer part of the elbow
  • Muscle strains and ligament sprains from overuse of the elbow
  • Pre and post surgical rehabilitation of  various elbow injuries
  • Functional instability in the elbow which can lead to recurrent pain and dislocations with associated joint noise (crepitus) when the elbow is moved
  • Arthritis such as osteoarthritis

Treatment of the elbow injury

At Contemporary Healthcare Dee Why we offer all of the latest ‘state of the art’ treatment modalities. Dr Orazio Trevisan has studied all of these techniques extensively both overseas and in Australia. These treatments have been used by him for over 20 years with absolutely amazing results.

The 3 most effective treatments of choice for elbow injuries which set Dr Orazio apart from other clinicians and other practices are;

These treatments are used in combination to;

      • Break down scar tissue
      • Improve functional movement in the elbow
      • Improve functional movement between the elbow and the shoulder
      • Improve functional movement between the elbow and the wrist

These 3 therapies are combined with a holistic whole body approach to health. Dr Orazio also looks at the body from a “5 pillar approach”. This 5 pillar approach is discussed below.

  1. Move better
    • Dr Orazio Trevisan will assess your spine, upper and lower limbs, balance and movement patterns. Your body cannot function normally without proper movement.
  2. Think better
    • Our mental health plays a huge part in how our body functions. Chronic stress affects both our posture and how our nervous system functions. Stress will often lead to long term activation of our ‘fight or flight’ response, along with a decrease in function in our ability to rest, digest, repair and reproduce.
  3. Eat better
    • Have you ever thought about how your diet affects how you feel. An anti-inflammatory diet can be crucial in getting you better. An inflammatory diet that has a lot of processed foods may be part of the problem. Dr Orazio Trevisan will look at your diet and address the need for any changes. Dietary supplements may also help if your body is lacking in certain nutrients.
  4. Sleep better
    • Some of us sleep very well but a large percentage of people don’t sleep well. We don’t often think about how our sleep affects our ability to recover from injury and disease. Dr Orazio Trevisan will look at your sleep patterns and may suggest ways to improve your sleep. It is also important to understand how a poor sleep pattern may be impacting your health and recovery.
  5. Breathe better
    • Breathing forms an integral part of our bodily functions and keeps us alive. When we breathe properly it provides many positive effects with regards to our health. Poor breathing causes many acute and chronic health issues including spinal pain and poor oxygenation levels throughout our body. Dr Orazio Trevisan has been teaching proper breathing techniques for over 20 years and this forms an important part of any treatment program.

At Contemporary Healthcare Dee Why, when a patient first presents to the clinic, a comprehensive history and examination will be done. There may be a need for  further testing which may include x-rays, ultrasounds or MRI’s. If x-rays are needed, they are usually bulk billed at a number of radiology practices located nearby. Ultrasounds and MRI’s cannot be bulk billed and incur an out of pocket cost. Once a diagnosis has been established, your information is put together to form a management plan on the best way to treat and manage your condition.

Your management plan will look at how to manage your symptoms, help to prevent injury in the future and optimise your quality of life.

If you are looking for treatment for an elbow injury in Dee Why, think Contemporary Healthcare. Contemporary Healthcare is a multidisciplinary practice that incorporates Chiropractic, Shockwave TherapyHypervibe Therapy, Applied Kinesiology, NET,  Active Release technique (ART) and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue mobilisation (IASTM). It is located in Dee Why on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

If you have any questions regarding elbow injury treatment or if you want to make an appointment, please call the Dee Why practice on 9971 4408.