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Active Release Technique Dee Why

Active Release Technique (ART) in Dee Why at Contemporary Healthcare Northern Beaches

Active Release Technique in Dee Why at Contemporary Healthcare Northern Beaches is a hands on treatment in which muscle, ligament, fascia, tendon, nerve, or joint capsule is held under tension in a shortened position, while the involved structure (spine, upper limb or lower limb) is lengthened through a full, comfortable active range of active motion while maintaining tension throughout the movement. Tension is maintained on the underlying tissue and not the skin. 

ART is unique when compared to other soft tissue techniques by the use of active movement of the limb, or spine under tension. Active release is also extremely specific with its contacts and it targets injured tissue in a very precise manner. Instead of treating a general area, an Active Release Technique Doctor uses their hands to feel damaged tissue in muscle, fascia, tendons, ligaments or nerves. 

Upon touch damaged areas feel tense and have an irregular texture compared to normal skin. This will then effect the movement and function that a patient is able to perform with that part of the body.

What Conditions can ART are be used to Treat?

  • lower back pain
  • chronic neck pain
  • tension headaches
  • shoulder strains, including frozen shoulder and rotator cuff problems
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • shin splints and compartment syndromes
  • sciatic nerve pain
  • plantar fasciitis
  • bursitis
  • tennis elbow
  • golfers elbow
  • hamstring strains
  • hip flexor issues
  • knee pain
  • performance enhancement

How does Active Release Technique work?

ART works by breaking up adhesions within (intra) and between (inter) layers of connective tissue. Adhesions are dense collections of scar tissue that form when muscles and connective tissues are injured. When the scar tissue binds between your muscles, it limits flexibility, causing pain and stiffness in muscles and joints. Sometimes adhesions can also entrap nerves. The manipulation of the soft tissues through ART breaks up the adhesions so your muscles, joints, and nerves can move freely again.

During an ART session at our Dee Why practice, your Doctor will feel the area and identify the location of the scar tissue. They will then use the technique to isolate and target the area, manipulating it to break up the scar tissue and restore proper blood flow so the area can heal.

Signs that you may have Scar Tissue

The following are signs that you may have an accumulation of scar tissue that may benefit from ART:

  • stiffness in your neck, elbow, hands, knees, or back
  • increased pain when exercising
  • sharp pain in the bottom of your foot near the heel
  • pain, numbness, and tingling in your fingers
  • reduced flexibility and limited range of motion
  • decreased strength
  • inflamed joints
  • tingling, numbness, or weakness

Who Can Benefit from Active Release Technique?

ART can be used on every person, regardless of your age or your current state of health. Active Release Technique can address repetitive injuries, adhesions, tissue contracture, tissue hypoxia, and joint dysfunction.

How Does ART Help?

Active Release Technique promotes faster recovery and restoration of normal tissue function, and can help prevent injuries.

It will allow athletes to train better and more consistently but will also assist the average person (office worker, tradies, older person), by keeping them injury free when ART is used as a preventative treatment.

Scar tissue and adhesions generally go unnoticed by most people until it results in an injury. Damaged tissue may be totally asymptomatic but some subtle signs include the tightening and shortening of muscles  which may present as a stiffer golf swing or struggle to reach your seatbelt in the car.  A loss of mobility, a restricted range of motion, poor biomechanics, overcompensation in other body parts, and loss of strength can all be identified and corrected with ART. Often a patient will not know scar tissue is building up until it is too late. Most of the time there will be no obvious trauma, just over-use from everyday life.

Dr Orazio Trevisan has been using ART in his Dee Why practice for over 20 years and has seen some amazing results in that time. It has helped many thousands of people with chronic conditions in which all other forms of therapy had failed. ART is often used in conjunction with other forms of therapy such as Shockwave therapy and IASTM. When these therapies are combined the results are often life changing for many people. You have nothing to lose, book in for an appointment and see what this wonderful technique can do for you.

Contemporary Healthcare is a multidisciplinary practice that incorporates Chiropractic, Shockwave Therapy (ESWT)Hypervibe Therapy, Applied Kinesiology, NET,  Instrument Assisted Soft tissue Mobilisation (IASTM) and Active Release Technique (ART). It is located in Dee Why on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

If you have any questions regarding Active Release Technique or if you want to make an appointment, please call the Dee Why practice on 9971 4408.

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