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Sports Injury Management Dee Why

Sports Injury Management in Dee Why at Contemporary Healthcare Northern Beaches Sydney

Sports Injury Management at Contemporary Healthcare Dee Why Northern Beaches Sydney has been one of our specialty interests for over 30 years. Dr Orazio Trevisan has been managing sports injuries at Contemporary Healthcare Northern Beaches in this time and is one of only a handful of Chiropractors in Australia to have specialist post graduate qualifications in sports injury management.

Dr Orazio has a wealth of experience and knowledge in this area having worked with international, national, state and local teams. Some of the teams and events he has worked with include;

  • Australian Swimming Team
  • Uncle Toby’s and Nutrigrain Surf Life Saving Events
  • St George Triathalon Series
  • Coca Cola Surf Classic (mens & womens)
  • Manly Warringah Dolphins Soccer
  • Harbord Devils Football Club

Some of the Common Sports Injuries seen in the Dee Why Practice include..

  • Anterior cruciate ligament(ACL) tears
  • Ankle sprains
  • Fractures caused by overuse (e.g. from playing tennis)
  • Fractures caused by impact trauma (e.g. from playing rugby league)
  • Plantar fasciitis (damage to the fascia that connect the toes to the heel )
  • Groin strains
  • Shin splints, commonly experienced by runners
  • Strained muscles e.g. hamstring
  • Rotator cuff tears in the shoulder
  • Golfers elbow
  • Tennis elbow
  • Injuries to the extremities such as the hands and feet
  • Ligament and cartilage tears in the knee
  • Injuries involving the spine

The Different Types of Tissue that get Injured

Injuries are generally divided into;

  • Hard tissues involving damage to the bone
  • Soft tissue injuries involving muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and periosteum (tissue that surrounds bones)

How Sports Injuries can be Treated  in the Dee Why Practice

When an injury has occurred, it is first assessed and diagnosed. Any appropriate testing is done such as x-rays, CT scans or MRI scans if required.

If further testing is not required, the condition is explained and a management program is discussed and treatment can begin.

Treatment is always aimed at getting the person back to their sport of choice as soon as possible and also rehabilitating the injury properly in order to prevent or minimise the chance of re-injury.

The 3 most effective treatment of choices which set Dr Orazio apart from other clinicians and other practices are;

Dr Orazio also has extensive overseas training in all of these techniques and treatment modalities. This will ensure you are back playing whatever sport you love in the shortest time possible.

Once an injury has improved, what can be done to prevent further injury from happening..

Once the symptoms of your injury have improved and you are feeling better, Dr Orazio will look at the underlying causes that may have led to the injury you sustained.

Some of the common underlying causes may include:

  • Poor balance 
  • Poor underlying core strength
  • Poor flexibility
  • Poor neuromuscular control of the affected area and poor functional movement patterns
  • Poor diet, leading to a nutritional deficiency and subsequent poor healing rates

All of these factors are assessed and treated accordingly.

Contemporary Healthcare is a multidisciplinary practice that incorporates Chiropractic, Shockwave TherapyHypervibe Therapy, Applied Kinesiology, NET, Active Release technique (ART) and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (IASTM). It is located in Dee Why on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

If you have any questions regarding treatment and management of any sports injuries that you have or if you want to make an appointment, please call the Dee Why practice on 9971 4408.