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Carla Hall

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Massage Therapist

I’m the Remedial Massage Therapist at Contemporary Healthcare and enjoy assisting clients to feel their best.  I enjoy tailoring a massage to my client’s needs, whether that is for relaxation, recovery from injury or illness, pregnancy related, preparing your body for a sporting goal or season, or for general maintenance & health of your body.  I spent 15 years in Corporate offices doing IT Helpdesk and Project Management so understand how the body feels & the areas that ache after 8 hours in front of a computer.  I completed my first Swedish Massage Course about 8 years ago and just loved it.  I realised that I had a passion for wanting to know more about how the body moves & functions.  I enjoy helping people to feel better by releasing their stress and muscular tension and assisting their body’s to unwind so they can feel less pain and have more movement.  I also like to educate my client’s on their body and sometimes suggest postural awareness and adjustments and/or exercises as I find this assists them to take responsibility for their own health and to feel better.

Eat Better

I like homemade & cooked food as I know what goes into it and I know what I’m eating.  I enjoy making berry smoothies with coconut or almond milk for my girls, they love them!  I also enjoy homemade rissoles which I add vegetables & lentils to, even my children love these!  I like to minimise the amount of sugar and salt that my family and I eat, so I’m always looking for replacements such as natural fruit, honey or rice malt syrup, and I’m always checking and comparing nutritional information on food packaging so that I can make an informed choice about the food I buy.

Think Better

I love going for walks to the beach in the early morning, watching the sunrise and enjoying a walk in the sand with bare feet.  I find it is a great way of calming the mind and invigorating the soul in order to renew myself for the busy day ahead.

Move Better

Some mornings I get up early to join others in a Spin Class at the gym.  I like to do a good stretch of my whole body before getting on the bike as this stops those niggles & aches that sometimes occur halfway through the class.  I like the speed and energy of a Spin Class, and also there’s a great sense of personal achievement afterward.  After a cool down I like to stretch all areas of my body again and then I feel motivated & energised to tackle anything that comes at me during my day.  I also enjoy swimming, as it strengthens the body and calms the mind.  As a massage therapist, I need great back, abdominal and leg strength, and I feel that by keeping strong I can give my client’s the best treatment.

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