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Jo Callender

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Soft Tissue Massage Therapist

Jo is a healthcare practitioner with over 20 years experience. Initially working as a massage therapist and lymphatic drainage specialist, Jo’s ongoing passion for creating positive results for her clients is the driving force in developing her skills and pursuing further education. She obtained her Health Science Diploma in Kinesiology to develop her knowledge in biomechanics, anatomy and nutrition. Throughout her study, she has also furthered her understanding of how our emotions and experiences can place limitations on our potential for growth, and how to release these emotions to achieve optimal health. 

Jo is also a stretch therapy teacher where she helps people to manage the issues which arise due to the repetitive, and sedentary nature of modern life. Stretch therapy is recommended as a proactive, preventative and rehabilitative activity.  

Jo is committed to providing her clients with outstanding service & utilises a number of soft-tissue techniques to ensure the best possible results for people.  These include:

  • remedial massage 
  • lymphatic drainage
  • dry needling
  • kinesiology
  • kinesio-taping
  • myofascial release 
  • stretch therapy 
  • visceral manipulation 

As a soft tissue therapist, Jo will address issues related to muscle, connective tissue (fascia) tendons, ligaments and nerves.  These issues usually present as pain, stiffness, lack of movement, instability or lack of balance and possibly feelings of frustration, anxiety or depression. Her approach is to assess, listen, discuss client concerns, view range of motion, palpate and provide a working time frame that will guide the treatment outcome. Jo’s sense of touch is highly developed as is her intuitive sense, bringing a unique depth to the quality of her work.  Treatments are very much client-specific, rather than the standard ‘run of the mill’ process.