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Nathalie Nicholls

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Chiropractic Assistant

Hello, I am the other office lady at Contemporary Healthcare and I help with the day to day running
of the practice and scheduling your appointments. I moved to the Northern Beaches in 2014 after
living in the southeastern suburbs of Sydney my whole life. Since then I have had my first baby,
Jules, and changed from my retail management career in the city to this awesome practice.

Eat Better

I established my reputation in my mother’s group as the ‘resident foodie’ after bringing my famous,
potentially addictive, vegan cake to our gatherings. I like to make things from scratch since having
Jules and love to make old-school favourites in my cast iron pot. My food motto is simple,
nourishing with a few temptations in between.

Think Better

Not one for meditation (as I can’t sit still long enough), I clear my mind by waking early in the
morning before the others in the house, and prepping for the day ahead. I’ve also inherited my
Mum’s idea of ‘cleaning for clarity’, because who doesn’t vacuum at 7 in the morning? Probably not
the most sound behaviour, but definitely balances my mind.

Move Better

Ever since I was a child, Garfield the cat was my idol, but over the past few months I’ve become a
lot more active.  I have started taking barre pilates classes and spending more time at the beach, not just
sunbaking. Barre classes have created muscles that I didn’t know existed and has lead to better
overall fitness, so I can chase Jules at the beach.

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