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Steve Mursa

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Chiropractor / Applied Kinesiologist / NET / Laser Therapist 

Steve got into chiropractic and holistic health care from a young age. Having a family member struggle with chronic health problems that couldn’t be solved by the conventional medical system for many years, it was after they visited a holistic chiropractor that they finally got the answers and results they were looking for. It was from here that Steve saw the power and benefits of this kind of treatment which inspired him to follow this path and to make it his chosen profession.

Steve completed a Bachelor of Medical Science from Sydney University and a Masters in Chiropractic from Macquarie University in 1996. His post-graduate training has included: 

  • Applied kinesiology
  • NET
  • Nutritional and Environmental Medicine
  • Life coaching
  • MAPS Training 
  • Laser Therapy

Steve’s biggest strengths as a practitioner are:

  • Understanding the interconnection of all the different systems of the body, and the interplay between the physical, mental, biochemistry, and our own ecosystem within. 
  • Having overcome numerous health challenges himself he knows what it’s like to be a patient and knows what it takes to recover. Steve has recovered from chronic fatigue syndrome and mould toxicity, lost 40kg in weight and kept it off, and recovered from multiple broken bones including a broken back….. hopefully that’s enough practical learning and he can just stick to books now.
  • Most importantly Steve knows how to listen, giving each patient the ability to feel fully understood and heard. 

Steve loves mountain biking, stand-up paddleboarding, snowboarding, campfires, good pinot, organic food, music… oh and his wife and daughter are pretty cool too.